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The Voice - The key to personal and professional success

The voice is the centre of our communication, and therefore for all human beings the most important instrument in everyday life, not only for professional and business purposes but also in all areas of private life. The sound of the voice mirrors our personality and our actual mood. But the voice is not only the result of the resonance within the resonant cavities of the vocal tract. Posture and breathing play a significant role when speaking or making any verbal sound. So actually, we start speaking BEFORE we apply our voice: our attitude and charisma are our first messages being communicated to others. As we learn practical techniques for posture, breathing and vocalization, we not only start being able to influence and control our vocal sound, but also our entire charisma. The effect is reciprocal: a self-confident posture and a secure voice nourish positive feelings within ourselves and hence stimulate our self-confidence and self-esteem. As a result our charisma, as well as our success in our professions and in society, is increased. And after all, a happy person is a healthy person: the voice is the key to success, happiness and health.  



Vocal Coaching: For whom is it advantageous?


Vocal Coaching is suited for everybody who wishes to improve their voice and posture, and to enhance their charisma thus:

  • Individuals who have to appear and to speak in public

  • Individuals who work in close client relationships

  • Individuals whose verbal, articulate communication is frequent and distinguished,  i.e. phone calls, work presentations, video conferences, etc.

  • Teachers, Instructors, Therapists

  • Individuals whom would like to be more self-confident in general

  • And of course, for those who sing, act and/or dance on stage and in film/TV: professionals or amateurs



What can I learn at The Vocal Key?


Effective vocal training implies not only vocal exercises to increase resonance, but also healthy breathing and posture. A workshop or an individual session is comprised by the following areas:


  • Conscious body posture and movement; for instance posture of the arms, head and back, standing positions, etc.

  • Anatomy of the vocal chords and voice box, the vocal cavities, voice exercises, discovering potential tensions, relaxation exercises, projection of the voice, diction, and dynamics.

  • Anatomy of the lungs and the diaphragm, the respiratory functions, breathing exercises, and the airflow during voice projection.

  • The relationship between the emotion and the voice; vocal techniques for the controlled expression of emotions.

  • Improvisation in groups, reading of a text and/or spontaneous speech in front of the group, applying the newly learnt techniques.



Aim of “The Vocal Key”:


  1. Understanding the functions of our breathing and vocal instruments

  2. Conscious use of body language, controlling the voice and breathing

  3. Optimization of the vocal resonance, projection, posture and expression

  4. Effective and practical exercises for further development after the workshop

  5. Self-confident appearance in front of the public and with a positive charisma

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